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Advisor Alliance Program

Your team specializes in wealth management.

Our team specializes in 401(k).

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Welcome to a Strategic Alliance with Advo(k)ate Advisors

This newly launched program provides a way for Osaic member firms to ensure clients are receiving optimal retirement plan benefits and reducing their exposure to fiduciary risk.  This is Advo(k)ate’s expertise.  

Advo(k)ate Advisors has decades of experience specializing in retirement plans.

Steadfast in our commitment to improving retirement outcomes through superior service, education and fee transparency, we are more than just an advisor- we are your partner in growth.

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Here's how our partnership becomes a pivotal turning point for your team:

Revenue Participation

Experience continuous financial benefits from a multi-year participation in the revenue from each retirement plan referral that becomes a client.  All individual wealth management and rollover business is directed back to you in perpetuity.  This isn’t just about immediate gains; it’s about building a lasting partnership.

Exclusive Wealth Management Rights

Unlock the full potential of every 401(k) referral. Any individual wealth management and rollover opportunities stemming from these referrals are reserved exclusively for your team. This means your expertise directly translates into more business, more growth and more revenue.

Revenue Ownership

With Advo(k)ate, every referral enriches your team not just today but forever. All referrals for individual wealth management and rollovers from your 401(k) referrals are yours. It’s an opportunity for you to build your ongoing revenues from your 401(k) referrals.

Zero Responsibility, Full Reward

While Advo(k)ate takes on the comprehensive management of the 401(k) plans, your team enjoys freedom from the administrative burdens—yet in addition to the multi-year revenue share paid to Advo(k)ate, your team will enjoy the benefits of individual client opportunities that stem from 401(k) referrals.

Let's Cultivate Success Together

What the Advisor Alliance Program does for you:
  • Reduces liability from fiduciary non-compliance
  • Allows you to focus on individual wealth management
  • Multi-year revenue stream on the 401k referral
  • All revenue associated with the rollover and wealth management opportunity.
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Join us in this journey of partnership-driven success.

Welcome to the Advisor Alliance Program, where helping you help your clients is our shared mission.

Learn more about the benefits

Advo(k)ate Advisors, LLC stands at the forefront of advising employer-sponsored retirement plans, driven by a mission to enhance 401(k) participant outcomes.

Plan Mergers & Acquisitions
Compliance & Operational Oversight
Fiduciary Investment Advice
Quarterly Investment Reviews
Proprietary Low-Cost Investment Solutions
Comprehensive Fee & Benchmarking Analyses
Fiduciary Training
Cyber Security & Plan Provider Analyses

Are you ready to join forces and work together?

Advisor Alliance Program is your gateway to new opportunities in wealth management and working with employers.

Connect with us today to explore how your team can benefit from this powerful partnership.

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