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Get to the core difference of our advo(k)acy

Our Firm

Advo(k)ate Advisors is a financial services firm specializing in advising employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Our mission is to improve 401(k) participant outcomes by reducing fees, reaching more plan participants with better education, and bringing unrivaled service, knowledge and experience to retirement plan sponsors that have been neglected by their service providers.

We call ourselves Advo(k)ate with a “k” because advocating for 401(k) plans is our business.

Core Differentiators

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(k)lean™ Analysis

We know that managing the retirement plan is often only one of the many hats administrators have to wear as part of their jobs. We designed our (k)lean™ Analysis program to bolster our clients’ fiduciary posture and uncover potential compliance issues.

Fee (k)ompression™

Worried about unexpected retirement plan fees? Wondering how your fees compare to industry peers? Curious if your plan funds are revenue-neutral? Our team can address these questions through our Fee (k)ompression™ program, ensuring your plan maintains a competitive and level fee structure.

Investment Reviews

Quarterly Investment Reviews are conducted for all clients, following a documented process aligned with the plan’s Investment Policy Statement. As Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG) members, we utilize tools and resources to establish and document the plan’s investment process.

Participant Education

We’re dedicated to ensuring every participant feels confident about retirement. Our personalized participant education provides tools and resources tailored to individual needs and offered through virtual or in-person sessions, group meetings and emailed recorded presentations. We understand the unique characteristics of each employee population and seek to help you nurture their journey to a successful retirement.

Mergers & Acquisition Consulting

In the fast-paced world of mergers and acquisitions, having an experienced team familiar with qualified plans is crucial for reducing plan sponsor liability. With decades of experience, our team specializes in guiding retirement plan sponsors through the entire M&A cycle. Trust us to handle your company’s retirement plans and M&A requirements.