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Core Differentiators

(k)lean™ Analysis Program

In addressing instances of service provider neglect, we are committed to providing unparalleled service, knowledge and experience for retirement plan sponsors. We prioritize reducing fees and expanding educational resources for plan participants, all with the goal of enhancing 401(k) participant outcomes.

We designed our (k)lean™ Analysis Program to help our clients establish documented processes that bolster fiduciary posture and uncover potential compliance issues.

We want our clients’ plans to be Clean + Lean in order to be (k)lean. In our view, a plan is Clean when the following plan metrics are met or exceeded:


  • Payroll Deferral Deposit Timeliness
  • Proper Adherence to the Definition of Compensation
  • Proper Adherence to the Provisions in the Plan Document
  • Appropriate ERISA Bond Without Deductible
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance
  • Executed Committee Charter
  • Executed Investment Policy Statement
  • Regularly Executed Committee Minutes
  • Timely 5500 Filing
  • Discrimination Testing and Refunds Completed on Time (if applicable)
  • Revenue Neutrality
  • ERISA 3(21) or ERISA 3(38) Advice
  • Documented SPD, SAR, Timely Delivery of Fee Disclosure 
  • Fiduciary Training
  • Cyber Security Analysis

We view a plan’s fee structure to be Lean when a plan has undergone the following processes:


  • Advo(k)ate Advisors Fee (k)ompression™ Program
  • Benchmarking Analysis Performed Within Past Three Years

Clean + Lean = (k)lean™

A (k)lean™ plan has met or exceeded operational and timing standards set forth by the Department of Labor and has undergone our Fee (k)ompression™ program. Our proven process helps plan fiduciaries ensure that they are meeting their fiduciary duties and receiving the best value for their employees. When we help you help your plan participants, everyone is aligned!

Fee (k)ompression™

Concerned that your retirement plan fees are higher than they need to be? Unsure if your fees compete well in the industry? Curious if plan funds are revenue-neutral? With the Fee (k)ompression™ program, our team ensures a competitive and level fee structure. We evaluate annually and conduct a comprehensive, in-depth analysis against industry benchmarks at least every three years.

Recent legislation mandates clearer fee disclosures by recordkeepers to participants and plan sponsors. Yet, layers of hidden fees persist in plan expenses. These fees, often referred to as revenue sharing, are frequently paid by mutual funds to 401(k) recordkeepers, and the amounts can vary by fund and recordkeeper. Recordkeepers often use these fees to cover their costs. Revenue sharing creates hidden inequalities in administrative fees, with some participants unknowingly paying more than others. This often goes unnoticed by plan sponsors until participant inquiries uncover the issue. Our experienced team helps to untangle complex structures, eliminate hidden revenue sharing and develop a fair, level-cost plan.

Investment Reviews

As proud members of Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), we use tools to assist clients in creating an efficient and effective investment menu for participants. Aiming for the lowest cost share class, we provide exclusive CIT versions of many mutual funds for additional participant savings.

We assist clients in implementing an Investment Policy Statement, aiding Plan fiduciaries in establishing nonbinding guidelines for prudent investment decisions. The Investment Policy Statement details philosophies and processes for selecting, monitoring, and evaluating Plan investment options.

We collaborate with clients to establish a suitable Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) in their Plan. We conduct an annual in-depth analysis of target date funds and the Stable Value fund offering to help document the appropriateness and competitiveness within the plan.

Participant Education

We are committed to instilling confidence in every participant’s retirement journey. Our personalized education approach tailors tools and resources to individual needs, accessible through virtual or in-person sessions, group meetings and emailed recorded presentations. Recognizing the unique characteristics of each employee population, we aim to support you in guiding them toward a successful retirement.

Mergers & Acquisition Consulting

In the dynamic and time-sensitive environment of mergers and acquisitions, our experienced team understands the nuances of working with qualified plans throughout the entire cycle, reducing plan sponsor liability. With decades of experience, we specialize in guiding retirement plan sponsors through these intricate transactions.